A New Red Jacket - Minolta XG-1

With all the crazy shit happening and being told to stay at home through the whole of April I thought I'd put some of my time into cleaning and using all of my old film cameras that are laying around the house.

Lets start with the rather nice Minolta XG-1 35mm, which I believe is from 1982 as this was the year the logo gained the rising sun in the "O" of Minolta and the XG1 changed to XG-1 and the camera was replaced in 1983, please feel free to correct me if I have that wrong.

This particular camera was gifted to me a couple of years ago and I've never put a roll of film through it as it was in a rather shabby state. So with new light seals fitted, a good clean and a nice new red jacket we where ready to go.

My shooting method is the same on all cameras because I only want to be thinking about focus, composition and depth of field. I don't want to be pulling out light meters, twisting this knob or pushing that button just so I can achieve no better image quality but I can call myself a real photographer. So it's load film, set ISO, put on yellow filter, set to A (aperture priority), go for a walk and shoot. The results are not too bad at all for a 38 year old camera shot by a fat bloke with 10 thumbs.

Thank you as always for taking a little time to read this and please stay safe and look after each other.


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