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Bentley, McLaren, Ford Mustang & Aston Martin - Whats Not To Like About GT Racing ?.

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Saturday 22 June 2019

This is the meeting I wanted to photograph at Donington Park from the day i saw it advertised, but as usually happens something came up and I had to do my grandad duties. Ah well maybe next year. Well, good fortune was on my side for a change when my wife agreed to help our daughter out at her new house which left me on my own for the Saturday. OK, Saturday meant i wasn't going to see the racing but I would see the qualifying and hopefully get some good photo opportunities as well. And, as a second bonus the sun was shining at last which meant I was able to ride there on the Harley for a change.

As usual with qualifying the crowds where virtually non existent and everything was very laid back. As i wasn't going to see racing as such I didn't leave the house too early and the Ginetta qualifying had started by the time I got down to the old hairpin.

I love the little Ginetta cars but the whole system of the racing and qualifying does confuse me a little. There are two different races going on, the first group being The Ginetta Racing Drivers Club. Which, from what little I know about it is an all inclusive package aimed at the new drivers. You buy the car and receive track days, ARDS tests, sprint challenge and 8 races which sounds an absolute blast.

The second group are the big boys in the Ginetta GT5 Challenge. This offers fantastic racing for all ages and experience using full slick tyres and sequential gearbox. The Ginetta Challenge usually runs along side the British GT and British Touring Car events and does make exciting racing.

Next up for qualifying where the cars and drivers of the Volkswagen Racing Cup. I know absolutely nothing about this series of races and forgive me, but I will repeat what is in the beautiful race programme.

The only race series in the UK dedicated to all models of VW with the Scirocco and Golf being the most popular cars to use.

Cost, according to the programme is

Base Car From £15,000

Full Season From £20,000

The young drivers representing the BRDC British F3 Championship where out next and I must say that some of them are very young men indeed, between 17 and 20 years old. I do know that this series of racing is aimed at young men and ladies looking to make a future step up to FIA F3 and also appeals to experienced Karters looking for a taste of single seater racing. All the cars on the grid are totally identical and powered by a 2 litre Cosworth engine with a 6 speed gearbox. And according to the programme the costs are

A new car, Less engine £39,850

Engine lease for the season £9,850

OK, the dream cars are next and as ever they didn't disappoint. Bently's, Porsche, McLaren, Mustang, Lamborghini, what moor could you want to watch on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

This is another series of races that confuse me a little, and again two races are happening at the same time. GT3 & GT4 run to the exact same rules but the difference is, GT3 are highly tuned and modified versions of the production vehicle, whilst GT4 cars are required to remain closer to their road going equivalent.

To be honest the rules just don't matter to me on this kind of racing, its all about seeing this class of car being driven around the track at speed by both professionals and amateures.

The programme notes for cost did make me smile, i wonder how much i could sell a body part for ?.

Cars cost from £90,000 to £350,00

To run a team for the season starts at £100,000 and rises depending on Class, Car and testing.

As always, thank you for taking a little time out of your day to read this.

Please attend your local track on race day, but always stay safe.

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