Updated: Apr 25

I've wanted to produce a photographic zine (i hate that word) for a while now, so when the country was put into lockdown it just seemed like a good time to start a small project. The images are just the things in and around our house, things that we never take notice of. For this little project I decided to use one camera which was my Chinon CG5 35mm and one film Ilford HP5. Yes, I could have used a far better and sharper camera but the whole idea from the start was to make this a snap shot of our life not a set of fine art prints.

I think small projects are the way I'm going with my black and white film shots, with the hope of turning each one into a zine.

Here's just a sample, the rest can be found on the portfolio page.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and please stay safe, look after each other and take photographs.


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