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Festival Of 1000 Bikes, I'm in heaven

Hosted by the VMCC (Vintage Motor Cycle Club) and held annually at Mallory Park, the Festival Of 1000 Bikes is the flagship event on their calendar and never disappoints. Being a biker myself and being of an age to remember a lot of these bikes I am in heaven for the few hours I'm at the track. We have everything on display from the early 1900s to the mid 90s and I am always a little jealous of the owners of these beautiful machines who are given the chance to ride them around an internationally renowned race circuit.

Its not just the bikes, there's trade stalls, auto jumble, a huge marquee with bar for the Friday & Saturday evening entertainment and a list of guests that's like a who's who of motorcycle racing. The list of famous riders is for the Sunday, some are riding and some just doing autograph sessions and just some of the names in attendance are, John Cooper, Trevor Nation, Alex George, Mick Grant, Steve Parish, Niall Mackenzie, Bradley Ray + others, and the legend that is Giacomo Agostini.

A great weekend was had by all with good weather, great bikes and great memories.

Roll on Festival of 1000 bikes 2020.

Thank you taking time to look at my pages and please come back again soon.

If you have an interest in the VMCC give them a visit at www.vmcc.net

If you are at any race track driving, riding or spectating, please stay safe.

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