It's All Technical Faff...

Updated: Apr 29

Did I get the shot I wanted, is the shot in focus, do I like it ?. Those are the three questions I ask myself when looking at any of my work, because after that it's all just technical faff to me.

It doesn't matter if i'm at the race track with a digital camera or doing a small project with film, I still have no interest in how many pixels my cameras have if any at all, full frame, crop or mirrorless non of this matters to me. I only ever shoot in aperture priority because my only interest is depth of field and composition. Exposure is sorted out very well by the camera i'm using, so do I really need to be turning this knob or pushing that button to try and improve what's good already. As for editing, I do use photoshop for basic editing only, I have no desire to sit for hours on end fiddling around with sliders and masks. I'm afraid I'v been there, done that, got very bored, thats the reason I shoot very little landscape photography now.  

If anyone new to photography ever reads this please do me a massive favour, stop reading or listening to so called professionals telling you that you must do this and you must do that. These photographers are unfortunately all over the internet with their heads stuck up their backsides telling people far to much technical bullshit. Just pick up your camera and take photographs, take pictures for your own enjoyment and never take a picture because you want someone else to like it (unless you're getting paid for it). And please remember, It's perfectly fine to shoot in auto mode and you don't need to shoot in RAW, if you want to shoot in Jpeg then shoot in Jpeg, you will learn all of the faff when you're good and ready.

I've just read this back and I sound quite angry, honestly i'm not I just wanted to tell you my take on photography.

thank you for reading and please be safe and look after each other.


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