Was It Worth The Loss Of Life ?.

Remembrance, a personal project I was starting to work on just before the lockdown began. I have absolutely no idea where I'm going with this project or weather it will even get finished, I'm not even sure why I started it in the first place. Looking through the negatives I already have, I came across this image and It got me thinking about all the problems we now have going on over racism both here and abroad. I do have opinions on the situation but this is neither the time or place to talk social issues and to be fair I'm just not clever enough to argue for or against.

The bronze statue you see here is part of the Armed Forces Memorial which is an amazing sculpture by Ian Rank-Broadley. But my thoughts aren't with the amazing detail but with the look on that face, the look of loss, despair and grief. That look alone asks me the question "was It worth It", was it worth all the loss of lives through war and terrorist action. With all the crazy shit involving various groups and a corrupt government at the helm, I'm afraid we've learned nothing at all from the past, people are still killing people, violence and anger are still visible, all because of a persons religion or skin colour. So, so sad.

I first took a photograph when I was around 13, I had a number of years not taking photographs for various reasons and now at 58 years old this is the first time one of my images has ever made me sit back and think. A very strange situation indeed.

Thank you for reading this and please look after each other.


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