No art to be found here fine or otherwise, just pictures of the things I see and the things I like. I offer no words of wisdom and I have nothing to sell, I'm just some fat bloke with an old SLR and a roll of film, too stubborn to learn, too old to care. 

I also shoot digital and I fully understand why people are blown away by the amazing image quality that a good digital camera can produce in a pair of capable hands. However, I find the whole digital process very cold and just a process of pushing buttons, which is fine if button pushing is your thing.  Film photography to me is a beautiful tactile process, a process that keeps me fully involved all the way to a final print, something I often wish digital could also do. 

This is just somewhere to put my work and If you find just one image that you like or makes you smile, thank you, and if you don't, no problem.

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