Just pictures of the things I see and the things I like, no words of wisdom and nothing to sell, I'm just walking around with an old SLR and a roll of film.  Just some fat bloke with a head full of crap, too stubborn to learn, too old to care.

I don't choose film because it's better than digital, it isn't, and I certainly have no time for the old boring film V's digital discussion, shooting film is a choice made on my own enjoyment. The whole tactile experience of loading the film to making a print in my darkroom gives me the satisfaction of actually creating something, a feeling I just don't get with digital. 

I will never push my opinions and advice forward because it's not my place to tell anyone what to do photographically, but I would like to offer just one thing if I may.

"Take photographs for you and you alone, do not look for the approval of anyone. If people like your work then great, but if they don't like your work, so what, who cares ?. None of us will ever move forward until we can honestly say that we do not care what other people think of our work."

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