Not a technically gifted or a particularly good photographer, I ask myself just three questions


Did I get the shot I wanted ?

Is It In focus ?

Do I like It ?

After that it's all faff and fuss, and I have no time for faff and fuss.

Some people will tell you photography is art, yet those same people will then try to control the way you take a photograph. Don't do it that way, do it this way, don't use auto, use manual, don't shoot Jpeg, shoot RAW. Control is not art, freedom is art, freedom to learn and explore, to do things your own way, to make images for you and you alone. Photography is art, but photography is also freedom, enjoy that freedom and make your art.

I'm just some bloke with a head full of crap, too stubborn to learn and too old to care. I can usually be found standing at the side of a race track with a digital camera or walking around with film in an old SLR. 


Thank you for taking a little time out of your life to look at my work and please stay safe and look after each other.

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